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Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations



Active Solutions work with an experienced team of sales people who can demonstrate a wide range of products. We major heavely in garden centres and DIY stores during key selling periods of the season and weekends.

Our objective is to make product demonstrations, entertaining and fun, for customers and staff, but at the same time ensuring that the demonstrations sell product while in store.

We work closely with the retailer and supplier ensuring we arrange the best possible product promotion.

Our demonstrations sell product.


 Open day for Halfords



Harrogate Flower Show demos

Haskins Garden Centre (Roundstone)



Notcutts Garden Centre (Solihull)




Demonstrating how a product works and more importantly how to sell it, is vital to the success of your company.


Demonstrating can be informative but at the same time fun, using our experience of product knowledge and the ability to interact with customers we can show you how to get the best out of a demonstration.



To demonstrate a product you need a theatre and we can provide this, we can add a theatrical flavour to a demonstration and show you the best ways to look for the buying signals. Customers want to be entertained and they want to buy, so with a first class entertaining demonstration we can fulfil this requirement for you.


Very often staff in garden centres are too busy to be to be able to demonstrate a product or don’t have sufficient knowledge but most times don’t have the confidence.


Active Solutions specialise in the area of demonstrations, for retailers and at consumer and trade exhibitions.



In store demonstrations are one of the most cost-effective ways to "get your product out to the masses". However different types of activity need different "animals". Active Solutions can demonstrate how to do this, how an extending hose reel or pruning saw works to planting up bulbs in pots, to decorating a Christmas tree. While making it look easy and entertaining fun. Other staff may be required to "sell a deal", or explain to potential customers why they should sign up for your Credit Card.