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2021 will see Active Solutions promoting and exhibiting  "Nemaslug" (BASF) range of Natural pest control  throughout the UK with and extensive tour of shows and exhibitions.







Slugs can live up to 6 years, can travel from between 0.03-0.06mph, very slow. •Can slugs swim?....... yes they can, but cant do backstroke!

  •Who would win in a fight between a slug and a worm?, a slug will every time because it has over 25,000 teeth and is more aggressive, having said that they don’t attack worms

. •Slug slime is created from the slime from the slug and absorbs the moisture, the slime isn’t wasted as slugs eat the slime.

•Slugs are basically blind and don’t have any eyes they have light sensitive eyes spots on the end of their antenna, if they lose one, another grows back.

•Slugs find their way home  using a scent trail

•Slugs blood is green, because it contains haemocyanin, based on copper, unlike our blood based on iron. The copper makes slugs highly sensitive. Try putting a magnet next to a slug and it will go round in circles.(yes its true!)

•Slugs can lay from 20-100 eggs every year. •An average size garden can have up to 20,000 slugs (200 in a cubic metre) A slug can stretch out 20 times its normal size 









                                 Nemaslug (BASF) at BBC GW Live NEC